Reasons, why you should use QR code, enabled Digital Menu in your Restaurant 2021

Things are coming back to normal gradually. The way of doing business is completely changed now. People are still scared and following contactless services with every business. Although contactless services are safe for you, your employees & your customers.

One of the popular trends nowadays is using QR code-based food ordering systems in the restaurant business. It’s a simple touch-less system where your customers come to your place scan QR code from mobile and get a menu on their phones to place the orders. There is no need to touch any paper food menu or even human presence.

There are numerous benefits of this system, hygiene-wise and even optimum business operation-wise.

why you should use QR codes digital menu in your Restaurant business in 2021.

  1. Easy to use – Using QR codes enabled digital food menu system is an easy to use solution for you and your customers. Customers can easily scan the QR code to get the food menu on their mobile browser and go through the full menu with images & updated prices. There is no pressure for the customer to order in a hurry when a waiter stands behind them to take the order.
    This system optimizes your order-taking process in the time time of peak hours when your all staff busy taking and serving orders as quickly as possible.
  2. Reduces Human errors & saves time – QR code-enabled digital food menu system reduced the waiter errors in taking the orders from the customers. Some time due to a hearing issue or something else, the customer tells something else and the waiter takes the order of something else. Some time customers intentionally change the order after placing the order. these types of errors have been easily avoided by using a QR code-enabled digital food menu system. These types of errors cost overheads to the restaurant business which can be easily saved through the digital food menu system.
  3. Cost Savings – A restaurant business can save a lot of dollars by using a QR code-enabled digital food menu system. They can reduce the manpower cost of waiters for order taking from the customers. Your food menu always stays fresh no need to reprint your paper-based food menu whenever you want to make any change in your food menu. There is no headache to find a good place for a paper-based food menu. QR code-based stands took very less space on tables, counters, driveways, etc.
  4. Ease of Managing your Food Menu & Offers – You can manage the food menu on daily basis, you can publish dishes of the day on daily basis. Runs offer campaigns very frequently. No need to think about the cost to make these changes. You have a backend system and you can manage these on daily basis. Your customers will get a fresh menu & offer of the day each time they visit your restaurant.
  5. No Downloads of Apps needed – Some time restaurant owner has a major concern that their customers not downloading their app. How they compel them to download so that they can start using them for placing orders. But that is not the case with QR based digital food menu system. Your customer can conveniently scan QR code from their camera in iPhone or google lens from android phone and get your mobile-optimized food many straight to their mobile for order. It’s just a one or two-click game to get a food menu on mobile without downloading anything.
  6. Optimum food ordering process – Your customer place order from mobile device, order directly goes to kitchen tablet or display device and print through Bluetooth or wifi printer automatically. Your kitchen staff can even acknowledge the order and convey the time for preparation. Your customer no need to wait or call the waiter to get the updates from him manually. This way QR based food ordering system optimizes your flow of placing orders in your restaurant business.
  7. Safe dining or pickup for your customers – You can place QR codes in creative ways at your dine-in tables, counters, drive-through, parking bays, etc. Customers can easily scan from there and place orders without waiting for the waiters or call you. It’s the safest way to run your business these days or post covid 19. This makes confidence of security among your customers and they love to place more orders as usual without any concern of infection or something.
  8. Competitors – During the phase of virus and post-Covid 19 your competitors already using QR-based digital food menu and it’s a need of present time you should also adopt this technology for your restaurant business. Customers are used to placing orders via QR based food ordering system.
  9. Easy Tech Solution – QR code-based food ordering system is not a very tech-needed system. It’s simple as website management. you can easily manage this system with average tech knowledge. You can reach any QR-based digital food many development companies and they will get it for your business.
  10. Low investment product – Yes you are thinking that taking QR based food ordering system will be another recurring overhead for your business. But they are many companies who provide this solution for very low one-time investment.

Conclusion why you need a QR code-based Digital Food Menu System in 2021 for your Restaurant business?

During & Post Covid 19 period, Way of doing business is changed drastically. We should adopt new changes immediately to stay afloat in the business as we were doing previously. The QR-based digital food menu is an essential tool for every restaurant business, it optimizes your ordering process, gives a Hygenic process to your customers, increases your business, reduces your overheads, requires less tech knowledge & there are many more pros compare to the cons of this system.

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