How to use QR code menus?

With the rise of contactless ordering in the hospitality industry, the use of QR code menus has been on the rise. But we’ve increasingly found that QR code menus benefit businesses beyond minimizing contact – and so we think they’re here to stay for the long run.

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Below, we’ll discuss how to use QR code menus as a part of your restaurant software, and what advantages they offer that might make them the best choice for you, even when the era of social distancing is over.

What is a QR code menu?QR code menus are menus that customers can access from their phones by scanning a QR code. Amongst these, order & pay systems are prevalent – customers can order items and make payments online, achieving a contactless ordering experience.

You can use QR code menus in various types of venues, like restaurants, cafes, pubs and bars, hotels and B&Bs, and even theatres.

Benefits of a QR code menu

QR code menus boast various benefits. For instance, they let customers access menus quickly and easily. Accessing the menu on their own devices means that they don’t need to flag a waiter down to ask for a menu. They also won’t need to download an app, which can be off-putting for customers, especially in grab & go restaurants and cafes where they might be in a hurry.

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