How safe is ordering food online during this pandemic?

Technology will play a crucial role in the post-COVID-19 era to establish trust and build confidence in the minds of consumers. This can be possible by the adoption of Contactless dining technology. It minimizes the human interactions right from avoiding queues to paying for services, the whole experience would become digital.

  • Diners will not be keen on waiting in clusters outside their favorite restaurants. Reservation and pre-ordering on Dineout app tokens with estimated wait timings would help declutter queues outside restaurants and food outlets. The ability to pre-order before seating also minimizes table turn-times.
  • It is said that physical menus and currencies in restaurants have the highest risk of carrying viruses. Digital menus, like DineIn by Dineout, will let diners place orders directly from their phones.
  • Similarly, Dineout Pay will allow for e-payments via e-wallets. These digital means go a long way in improving the dining experience and promoting social distancing as a viable idea for physical businesses.

The question of overcoming the COVID storm needs to change its tangent – from if it will happen to how it will happen. And the answer for this, clearly, is in technology. It is important to work on digital alternatives for the execution of daily operations and for the creation of an environment of convenience, trust and support that enhances restaurant-diner interactions.

MyIQMenu is a low-cost ordering and payment solution which enables your customers to order and pay for the food and drinks from the comfort of their table via their mobiles – No apps needed. This Order and Pay at table technology reduces the risk of queuing and unnecessary contact with the serving staff and customers.  The platform has been designed and created by a team of industry experts with proven technology. It is simple to set up and even simpler for your customers to use. 

Safely welcome back your customers with contactless ordering and payment and increase social distancing measures.

With MyIQMenu, your customers order drinks and food online directly to their table using their own phones and pay.

Get your Restaurant  And Bars ready and take orders safely now.


What Are The Benefits For Pubs And Bars?

    • No queues
    • Serve customers quicker
    • Reduced contact with waiting staff
    • No cash – All contactless payments
    • Quick to set up
    • Simple to edit menus and product categories
    • Allow staff to process orders on the current device
    • No need for customers to download an app
    • Complete control over branding
    • Customers can easily repeat their last order.

The benefits of using QR Code Scanning are becoming more apparent by the day. It’s not that the current advertising trend in the market is anything but conventional, but having something that can really deliver the goods is always nice to have. For a company, it becomes very important to have a very engaging website to be able to make good sales. This is where using the QR Code Scanner comes into the picture.

contactless restaurant technology

Grow your business with MyIQMenu ‘all-in-one’ menu and order management system which is perfect for fine dining restaurants, cafes, and quick-service restaurants. Doesn’t matter the types of restaurants, our QR Ordering system allows guests a complete contactless, self-ordering system, table service to communicate with the wait staff.

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