29.99 / month

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No Cost Setup
3 Templates To Chooset
Free QR Code
KOT Prints
Payment with Card
Share Link to Watsapp,Instagram , Facebook, Email
One Restaurant
Unlimited Update
Unlimited Items
Admin Panel For Restaurants
Table QRCode Generation
Takeaway QRCode Generation
Delivery QRCode
Sales Report
Product Report
Inventory Management
Print Invoices and Tickets
Ordering Notification
Payment Notification
Order Management

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Gold Package comes with the functionality to choose between 3 templates with no set-up cost. Merchant can add a restaurant, generate free QR CODES, Table QR CODES, Takeaway QR CODES, Delivery QR CODES, add unlimited items and share the link to WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook. Merchant can manage Inventory and Order. Merchant can print KOT, Invoices and Tickets. Merchant can generate Sales reports and Product reports. Payment with card is also available.


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